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hands off that banjo, kid.
Rant rant rant
I'm not really interesting and all I really do is obsess and flail over Jrock/One Piece/T&T.

But anyway, there's more information here~ If you want to friend me, please comment there and add me. :00

I WON'T add you if you don't comment on that entry.
23rd-Jan-2008 01:08 pm - 22 Layout Info
If you refresh enough, you'll see SOMETHING(S) pop up on the banner. ;D

Scan: Edy
Photo Manipulation: krissasaur
Layout: minty_peach, edited to hell and back by shuyuki
5th-Jan-2007 01:55 pm - T&T on Hey!Hey!Hey! [11/08/2004]
This is probably my first public entry in a decade. (\XD/) Who remembers the infamous Tsubasa archery thing on Hey!x3? I uploaded the entire thing because I wanted to test out a new host. Screw megaupload. D: Hay!Hay!Hay!Collapse )
Mooreen { - Paypuhwork - }

Comment here + add me to be added.
In other words, I WON'T add you back if you don't comment here.

I made a simple chart below for easy viewing. The more in the "yes," the better~ As for NO, there are some exceptions like Suju/DBSK fangirl. As long as we have stuff in common and our personalities don't clash! :] But things like asking me for help with CSS/HTML/etc. and being a Kpop-only fan... won't fly with me.

→ T&T/KinKi Kids/Arashi fan
→ Jrock fan
→ MUCC fan
→ Japanese street fashion enthusiast
→ Tolerates excessive T&T rambling
→ Tolerates angry bitching
→ Tolerates bad CD "reviews"
→ Tolerates random Jrock rants
→ Tolerates profanity
→ Tolerates boring and repetitive entries
→ Korean-pop-only fans
→ Anti-JE
→ Anti-Jrock (...UHHH??)
→ Kouhai/juniors-only JE fans
→ Excessively Wapanese
→ Delusional fangirls
→ Anime/manga-only fans
→ Obsessive yaoi/yuri fans
→ Jrock elitists
→ Asking me for help in HTML/CSS/PS

PS If you're going to ask to be added, then add me beforehand. How do I know you're not some crazy troll? :/ I'm just sick of people disregarding the "add me first" bit. Thanks.
1st-Jan-2005 01:17 pm - misc misc!
Mooreen { - Paypuhwork - }
credits, resources, links, blog crews, etc. ↓

cutCollapse )
29th-Dec-2003 07:30 pm - Bored
Mooreen { - Paypuhwork - }
Let's see how this thing works and looks...
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